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Voltage Control

Voltage Control
EN0546 is a device to control under and over voltage protection and for the visualization of the output voltage for alternators.
The ability to select the working voltage (230V three-phase, 230V single phase, 400V three-phase), EN0546 allows a wide range of applications. The device has 3 LEDs and a button on the front, two trimmers and a switch on the back, and finally a trimmer positioned behind the front panel. The operation of the device in case of exceeding the maximum or minimum voltage limits must stop the supply voltage of the generator. This is usually performed in two ways: by short-circuiting or interrupting the excitation of the alternator through a relay contact. In the start-up phase, it is necessary to exclude the control of EN0546 pressing the button on the front panel to move from the stopped state of the machine to a state of rotation. The 3 LED's color motifies on the front of device if the output voltage of the generator is correct.

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EN0546 control overvoltage and voltage viewer tensione for alternator