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Battery changer

Battery changer

EN0527 is a device for lead-acid batteries charging (12Vdc or 24Vdc) with voltage and current adjustment.

It is possible to adjust the power by knob on a range of values ​​between 30 and 100% of full scale. The maximum current is equal, depending on the model, 2.5A or 5A RMS, the 3 signaling LEDs give an indication of the operating status.

Order Code

Code: Description:
 EN0527  battery charger
 EN0527-12V3A  battery charger 12 Volt 2,5 Ampere RMS
 EN0527-12V6A  battery charger 12 Volt 5 Ampere RMS
 EN0527-24V3A  battery charger 24 Volt 2,5 Ampere RMS