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EPC - 100

EPC - 100
Entity Process Control
Process control terminal

Technical data:

Power supply: 230V 50/60Hz ± 10%

Power: 10VA Max

Dimension: Frontal panel 250x150x20 mm(LxWxD)    Rear 189x90x50 mm(LxWxD)

IP protection: IP64 (Front after mounting)

View: Graphic LCD 320x240 dot monochrome with neon backlight

Keyboard: Keyboard polycarbonate scratch, customizable, with 40 buttons: 6 buttons for interactive menus (on the left of the display); 4 function keys (below the display); 30 general keys (numbers, letters, sliders or special functions to the right of the display);

2 indication LEDs;

Analog inputs: 8 of 10 bit: 4 Thermocouples, 2 Input-voltage 0-10V, 2 Input-current 0-20 mA

Digital input: 5 NPN no isolated with 10kOhms pull-up, open collector, Push-Pull 5V, contact

Output: 2 constant current (1.25 mA) for PT100 supply

Communication: RS232-C for PC connection, download/upload for upgrade firmware without other interfacce; RS485 for connecting external module (I/O expansion, encoder reading, speed inputs, special functions); RS485 for connection to terminals EPC-100 network and/or PC; TTL UART to IrDA or optional connection module CanBus

Microcontroller: 16 bit 20 MHz Hitachi, 128 kByte Flash, 4 kByte RAM, Instruction Cycle 50 ns

Memory: 2MByte Flash for data (100.000 read/write cycle) 128 - 512 kByte RAM

Other features: integrated sensor (inside the instrument) for thermocouples compensation, Integrated RTC with lithium battery maintenance; 250 Bytes of RAM free for storing data back up;

Order Code

Code: Description:
1200EPC100-A LCD graphic terminal
1200EPC100-B LCD graphic terminal with thermocouples