Entity Elettronica designs and manufactures components for hydro tubs offering a catalogue of solutions with customisation options. In case of particular needs or tailor-made solutions, the company supports customers throughout product development, making available all the company's skills in research and development, design and production.



Art. 1400WSK0390 Chrome Kit

Art. 1400WSK0400 White Kit 


Electronic combi control

MULTI-TRIO is the new oblique easy to view keyboard, that allows the im- mediate activation of the functions being the user comfortably seated inside the bathtub: combined water/air massage, wave effect, spotlight. Besides, the keyboard allows the manual regulation of the air to the jets. The cleaning program, with the optional disinfection valve, can carry out a further rinsing of the piping with fresh water, when the bathtub is empty. The automatic “drying after” program starts with the blower at the end of bathtub using, to drain and dry the airjet lines.

* Pump power 2 KW max

** Blower power 700 W max