Controller for the selection of colors, colors cycle and desired speed from external push buttons and/or radio remote control. Possibility to connect more sequencers and synchronize them.

Feeding Vin = 12-24Vdc

Voltage version

  • Voltage PMW output:
    Vout = Vin: lout-max = 2,5A per channel
  • Recommended accessories:

Current version

  • Current PMW output:
    lout = 350mA: Vout-max = Vin - 1,5V

PWM frequency fout = 200Hz

0-10V input to drive the speed of the color cycle. The device has 3 NPN inputs which connect 3 buttons used to switch on and for the configuration.

Order Code

Base code

1200EN0723-V voltage

1200EN0723-V-TC voltage (remote control)

1200EN0723-C-035 current

1200EN0723-C-035-TC current (remote control)

remote control (optional)

TC* radio remote control


*available on request

Eg: 1200EN0723-V: Voltage without remote control