EN1355/1356 STAR XHP50.2

EN1355/1356 STAR XHP50.2


Aluminium Star with 1 LED, available in the following versions: 6V,12V.

Current Feeding

  • Iin = 1500mAdc (12V)
  • Iin = 3000mAdc (6V)

Power 18W max

Light output 1600lm max

Type of LED CREE™ XHP50.2

Color temperature 3000K

Accessories optionals: 250mm cables - lens LEDIL Iris

Order Code

Codice base

1200EN1355- 930- C- 9MBBC70 3000K CRI>90 700mA 9V, with cables
1200EN1355- 930- 0- 6XP53M0 3000K 3000mA 6V      
1200EN1355- 930- C- 6XP53M0 3000K 3000mA 6V, with cables  
1200EN1356- 930- 0- 2XP5M50 3000K 1500mA 12V      
1200EN1356- 930- C- 2XP5M50 3000K 1500mA 12V, with cables  


Eg: 1200EN1355-930-0-6XP53M0: Disco with CRI 90 LED warm white CREE™ XHP50 6V model without cables