Dichroic Dichroic


Dichroic with 3 LEDs, GU5.3 connector

can replace the dichroic halogen MR16 40-50W, the body is made of plastic thermo-conductive material; choosing from the available lenses you can decide the width of the light beam

12V ac/dc version

  • Voltage feeding:
    Vin = 12Vac/dc: P = 3,6W
  • Recommended power supply:
  • Estimated life:
    > 20.000 hours

Version in current at 350mA

  • Current feeding:
    Iin = 350mA: P = 3,6W
  • Recommended power supply:
  • Estimated life:
    > 50.000 hours

Connector GU5.3

Type of LED (white light version) CREE™ XP-G

Type of LED (versione luce colorata) CREE™ XP-E2

It doesn’t work with halogen power supplies, their use could permanently damage the lamp.

Order Code

Base code

1200EN0661 12Vac/dc

1200EN0661-S 350mA


15 close

30 medium

60 large

LED Color 

BI0 cold white 

BI1 warm white 

BI2 natural white

BL0 blue 

RO0 red 

VE0 green

Eg: 1200EN0661-15-BI0: 12V cold white with close lenses