Spot H16

Spot H16

Spot with 6 LED

Voltage feeding Vin = 24Vdc: P = 1,6W

Recommended power supply 1300ENPS-04-V24

Type of LED Lumileds® Luxeon 3014

Heat sink required Yes

Order Code

Base code

LED color

 1200ENSH16  8 CRI 80  27 warm white 2700K  0
   9 CRI 90  30 warm white 3000K  
     40 natural white 4000K  
 L314V24 Lumileds® Luxeon - 24Vdc voltage

Eg: 1200ENSH16-830-0-L314V24: warm white 3000K, CRI80, without cables, 24Vdc.